Hello, World!


The idea of Delipair was born in 2013. It matured for twelve months after which, during Vinitaly 2014, we were ready to show our first MVP - food to wine pairing app. The outcome was promising, however the idea was still half-cooked, so we kept working on it.  Six months later the one click from wine to your recipe pairing emerged. We finally got it right!

The core issue was to understand that the best occasion to drink wine is when dining with friends or family so the best moment to choose your perfect bottle is when one has already decided on the recipe.  And this is where Delipair can make a difference, delivering wine food pairing power to people with just one click.

In our search we were inspired by Francois Chartier’s book “Taste buds and molecules”. This was our starting point, after which we went through literally hundreds of scientific papers to finally develop our own method: advanced chemistry made delicious. We have tested it thoroughly on our families and friends and they still remain our friends!

Next, we developed the tool enabling one click wine-recipe pairing, powered by our method. By August 2015 we hope to have completed the analysis of a hundred and twenty wines from seventeen grape varieties. From then on, the tool will be available for everyone to download and we will start sharing the wine food pairing power with wine-lovers all over the world!