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What’s your occasion for sipping wine? I usually have it with something delicious to eat. Doesn’t have to be a full blown dinner- nice tapas will do. But even these tiny tapas can make or break the wine. Cause food aromas will always overpower wine ones. So each time I’m going to have a glass of wine with food, I ask myself are these two the perfect match?

Thanks to years of trying, failing and succeeding, I am, in most cases, able to come up with an answer almost instantly- and I don’t go the usual route: white for fish, red for meat. Other ingredients such as spices, as well as cooking methods, are just as important when pairing wine with food.

It’s easy to kill fruity, unoaked red wine with Gorgonzola sauce. It’s equally as easy, if you have the know-how, to uncover the fruity, vibrant side of that heavy oaked Chianti Riserva, with maple syrup. So, as I learned the hard way, wine-food pairing is about getting the whole picture – recipe, not about picking individual pieces.

Finding the right wine is one thing, getting it can be a different story. Even with a wide selection of wines in my fridge, more often than not, the one I need may not be there. The sheer choice of wines on supermarket shelves can be overwhelming, while information on wine labels is cryptic to say the least. Once again, with enough experience it is nothing to worry about, however it can prove to be a time-consuming experience. As Alina Tugend wrote in New York Times in 2010, too many choices can be a paralyzing problem. Where buying wine is concerned, the author may have hit the bull’s-eye.

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