TOP 10 recipes for New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc
New Zealand

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Top 10 recipes for New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc are below (X people checked wine pairing for this recipe).

Enjoy any of these with confidence:

1) Pasticcio (198)

2) Pear tarte Tatin | BBC Good Food (186)

3) Southwest Tortilla Baked Eggs Budget Bytes (183)

4) Mango coconut chia pudding (178)

5) Pasta Recipe with Potato Bacon Cabbage and Blue Cheese From Rachael Ray | Rachael Ray Show (169)

6) Raita (158)

7) Tm apple pie (152)

8) Shrimp scampi recipe allrecipes.com (148)

9) Mexican beans & avocado on toast recipe BBC Good Food (146)

10) Zucchini And Blue Cheese Soup Recipe | Yummly (145)

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