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Have you found a perfect online recipe for a family dinner or do you simply want to impress your friends? Are you looking for the right wine to deliciously accompany it? Simply enter recipe name, ingredients list into the serach box (above). You can also copy/paste the recipe web page link into the search box. We will delipair the right wines for you in a second.

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We promise to find three different wines to go with every recipe. We know it is good to have a choice. With our innovative wine-recipe matching method, (advanced chemistry made delicious as we call it), Delipair can turn your meals into a delicious experience. We guarantee to supply you with wine options for each selected recipe regardless of the cuisine they originate from.

Impress your friends and family

Do you think wine-food matching is difficult or just a bit snobbish? Let us do the hard work for you in just one click. Your friends and family will be absolutely thrilled with this perfect coupling, leaving you to take the compliments!
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