About us

Delipair’s goal is to help people have the ultimate dining experience by guiding them to the best paired wine, weather red or white. We’ve created a solution that drastically simplifies the process of getting to the perfect wine recommendation, in just a few seconds on any device, directly at Delipair.com.

The drink you have with your food has a profound effect on your overall experience, either good or bad. If paired correctly, your drink will compliment your food and add to your enjoyment. The problem is that most people don’t know how to do this. Choosing wine is a problem which dates back centuries, and almost everyone who drinks wine stumbles over this problem at some point.

Wine should be selected according to your choice of food, not preferred wine colour, price or the colour of your main ingredient. It’s simply incorrect to think that white wine goes better with chicken or fish, and red wine goes better with a steak or pizza.

Anyone wanting a recommendation can simply use our search tool by entering a web link to any recipe. Within seconds, Delipair will give the best wine recommendations to compliment your dish of choice. The solution was built by fusing science and technology, leading to our proprietary algorithm, which has been tried and tested by thousands of people and wine experts. We’re confident you’ll get much greater satisfaction from your meals using by pairing with Delipair.

Bon appétit!