Beginning our wine analysis over seven months ago was like taking a leap in the dark. Although you can find numerous scientific publications on aroma compounds in wines – they appear to be either focused on a few basic compounds or limited to a very narrow group of wines. Our project was far more complex so we needed the right methodology to create an extensive data base ready to compare the concentration of 50 aroma compounds in 120 different wines. It was quite a challenge!

When we first saw the results sent from our laboratory a month ago, we felt relieved! We were literally bombarded by significant data. A month later the second test’s results confirmed that we are indeed ready to „delipair” wines to your recipes! Now, before the actual kick-off we just need a few days to make sure that our servers are fully prepared to deal with your requests.

Coming back to our analysis of the 120 most popular wines. We could have just "locked" these exciting results to construct our algorythm but they appeared to be so interesting that we have decided to share them with you in an interesting form. Our team is currently working on their graphic representation. Stay tuned for September updates!