Let’s get started!


Today is Delipair launch day– finding the right wine for your recipe is now just a click away.

To achieve this we’ve been hard at work in the labs, and even putting taste buds and noses on the line. We analyzed 120 wines from 17 grape varieties and 10 countries of origin.

The result? Delipair can give you up to 3 wine pairings for the dish of your choice with one click.
Simply copy the recipe webpage link, paste it into the search box on our website* and click to Delipair the right wines for you within a few seconds.

Join us as we take you on this exciting culinary adventure. We love to hear all about your Delipairing, so please shout out on Twitter (@delipair) or email us at: contact@delipair.com

* for detailed instructions how to copy and paste a link look here: http://www.wikihow.com/Copy-and-Paste-a-Link