Fundi pizza and wine made better


Fundi Pizza at Dinerama

As part of my street food adventures in London, I visited Fundi Pizza (@fundipizza), at Dinerama, run by Street Feast (@StreetFeastLDN)

My meal choice was a pizza Margherita with the addition of Crudo di Parma.

Delipar’s wines recommendations were:

Wines for Fundi Pizza

This was another food experience where I simply went straight for the best fit: Chilean Sauvignon Blanc (£5.50 from Tesco).

A portable pizza wood-fired oven – now that’s something I had to see! Besides, pizza seemed like a nice break from a series of burgers or mac and cheese sandwiches, no matter how good they were.

I ordered a regular Margherita with but added Crudo di Parma, better known to me as Prosciutto. It was delicious alone, and equally good with wine. By the way, when you have pizza you should have wine.

The wine alone was a bit crude, to be blunt, as it was a simple Chilean Sauvignon Blanc with a couple of rough edges found in a Tesco Metro. But that’s part of the experiment, to go to the usual places where millions of people buy wine, and to choose usual wines which you can grab on your way home.

Here comes the interesting part. My experience shows that when food and wine pairing is done right, not only is your meal an enjoyable experience, it makes mediocre wine taste better! This is exactly what happened in this experience. The Sauvignon Blanc from Tesco added welcomed crisp and fresh notes to the pizza, while the overabundance of food aromas polished the wine’s rough edges, making it seem like it was twice the price, at least.

That’s the magic of wine and food pairing, which you need to experience to believe. Once you try this, it’s hard to return to sipping wine without food. As a former wine geek turned wine-with-food geek, I know what I’m talking about.