Honest Ribman melted with wine


The Ribman special

As part of my street food adventures in London, I visited Honest Burgers (@honestburgers), at Camden Market (@CamdenMarket)

My meal choice was The Ribman Special burger (@theribman), and Delipar’s wines recommendations were:

Wines for The Ribman special

I went with a Languedoc Syrah, which I bought for £14 from Waitrose.

The Rib roll from The Ribman was on my street food wish list since the beginning of my street food journey in London. However Sunday was still a few days away, so the next best option was to try The Ribman special by Honest Burgers. It’s the best of both worlds: a juicy burger and supposedly the best ribs in London, accompanied by the ‘Holy Fuck’ sauce, being almost legendary. And so I proceeded.

However, rest assured, I finally chased the Rib roll from The Ribman, but let’s save it for the grand finale of street food wine pairings.

But back to today’s topic. The Ribman Special was ungodly delicious on its own, and with the wine, something surprising happened. The aromas of the food and wine melted into each other seamlessly. Taking into account that this Syrah was a strong, elegant wine on its own, experiencing a situation where you are unable to tell where the aromas of the food end, and aromas of the wine begin, was an extraordinary experience. It was so delicious that I won’t mention its total cost. But I can say it was worth every penny!