Wine for the pork burrito at Luardos


Burrito at Luardos

As part of my street food adventures in London, I visited Luardos (@Luardos), at Whitecross St Market (@whitecrossst), which is regarded as one of the best food markets in London, between Old Street and the Barbican, London EC1.

My meal choice was the Slow Cooked Pork Burrito at Luardos, and Delipar’s wines recommendations were:

Wines for burrito at Luardos

I went for the Syrah (Northern Rhone blend, oaked, dry), which was £14 at Waitrose. Luardos burrito was very honest, with delicious, juicy pork filling on one side, and spicy, hot guacamole on the other. I had it without rice, because I arrived too early at the truck that day (the rice was still boiling). I could have waited of course, but afterwards it seemed like I made the right decision because even without rice, this burrito was a big chunk to be chewing on.

Powerful and yet elegant, a wine like Northern Rhone Syrah played very well with it. Its tannins and acidity helped to refresh my palate, while the strong aromatic bond between the wine and dish made this a pleasant experience. Not to mention oak aromas, soothing my taste buds after the last bite of that burrito delivered a fiery fire of capsaicin.